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The Church Gift Fund Committee is responsible for the distribution of monetary gifts that are requested from the various special funds of the church, including the Memorial Fund and the Bailey Evans Family Trust Fund. Memorial Fund distributions are made twice a year.

2011 Church Gift Fund Committee

Aaron Crafton, Clerk of the Session

Frank Robinson, Elder (Class of 2011)

Suzanne Cunningham, Elder (Class of 2012)

Wayne Bomar, Trustee

Richard & Kathy Smith, 2011 Co-Chairs Mission Committee

Nancy Overick, At-Large member (Class of 2011)

Aksel Jensen, IV, At-Large member (Class of 2012)


Rev. Stephen Caine, Rev. Lindsey Wade and Bailey Little, Treasurer, are ex-officio members



Membership on the Church Gift Fund Committee shall consist of the following:

* The Clerk of the Session

* Two Elders for two-year staggered terms

* One Trustee for a one-year term

* Chairman of the Mission Committee for the year

* Two members At-Large from the Congregation appointed by the Session for staggered two-year terms