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The James Bomar Class

A lectionary-based Bible study using "The Present Word", a Presbyterian Church (USA) curriculum, many of our more senior members frequent this class. It is taught by Tommy Anderton, Wayne Bomar, Dr. Gene Caffey, Alice Durio, Frances Parker, and others and meets in the Church Parlor in the Educational Building, hence the reason why the class is also referred to as the "Parlor Class".

The William S. Russell Class

Another lectionary-based class, this time using the Cokesbury Curriculum's Uniform Series Adult Bible Studies. This inquisitive group meets down in the Church Library, which is underneath the Sanctuary, and is led by Fred Hunt, who teaches along with Aaron Crafton, and Norma Zae Jensen.

Evan Lloyd Adamson Class

A discussion-based class that explores a range of topics and approaches to Christian Education. Meeting in the front classroom of the Educational Building, the class is taught by Rev. Stephen Caine.