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Christian Education Committee


The Christian Education Committee here at First Presbyterian is a busy one, supervising the educational, instructional and spiritual formation needs of all of members.  The Committee meets on the first Monday of each month at 5:30 PM in the ELA Sunday School room.


2010 Christian Education Committee Members


Suzanne Cunningham, Chairwoman

Rev. Lindsey Wade, Ex-officio

Anna Marie Bomar

Adrian Bomar

Rev. Monnie Caine

Mary Gore

Ginger Shofner

LeaAnne Windham

Janice Womble


The stated responsibilities of the Christian Education Committee are as follows:


1. Advise the Session concerning the responsibility "to develop and supervise the church school and the educational program of the church" (G-10.0102e).

2. Provide for ongoing discussion and evaluation of the church school and youth fellowship, aiding in staffing and support as needed.

3. Seek to enhance the educational opportunities of the congregation's corporate life.

4. Envision new educational programas for members' continuing nurture and growth.



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